4th Annual Dyslexia Experience & Gala: The Surfers Watersports Showcase

Watersports Showcase

Each year we honor the talents of dyslexic kiddos, adults and professionals who embody the theme for our October Experience & Gala. This year we are inviting YOU to share your photos and/or videos of you showcasing your skills in water activities, including, but not limited to: surfing, boogie boarding, body-surfing, tubing, skim-boarding, waterskating, wakeboarding, sand art, sand castles, pool activities, water skiing…You name it – we will accept it. If you are dyslexic and you love to express yourself through art instead, we are also accepting photographs of artwork related to all of the above! Submissions will be put into a comprehensive video that will be shown at our 4th Annual Dyslexia Experience & Gala, on our website and our social media channels.

To be included, please first sign the video release form and then upload the footage to the Dropbox link below (the Dropbox link will ask you for your name and email. Please have it match the same name that is on the video release form. If you are already signed into Dropbox, then the information will auto-fill with the email and name you use for your Dropbox account. Again, please try to make sure the video release form and that information match so we can identify your footage with the video release form). Thank you so much!