Milaura Spelman

Mrs. Milaura Spelman is a speech language pathologist and reading specialist, providing comprehensive evaluations and remediation services to children with language based learning disabilities, with a focus on reading, spelling and language processing remediation.

Children that Mrs. Spelman works with include those with dyslexia and reading impairment, dysgraphia and written language impairment, academic based learning disabilities, auditory processing disorders, ADD/ADHD, and language processing delays.

Mrs. Spelman in an instructor in the Early Childhood Education Department at the University of Central Florida. Her Early Childhood courses involve instruction regarding children with exceptionalities for pre-service teachers and future speech/language pathologists.

She is also an instructor with Bay Path University, teaching graduate level classes related to reading and writing assessment. Mrs. Spelman is serving her second term as an executive board member for the International Dyslexia Association, Florida Branch.

Mrs. Spelman also provides educational workshops for teachers, schools, and parent groups, regarding the needs of children with language and literacy based learning differences.

Mrs. Spelman joined the RCF Advisory Board to help promote evidence based reading intervention, and to get good information to the parents that contact her weekly about helping their child succeed in reading.

Milaura Spelman

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