Ryan Parsons

Ryan Parsons is a fourth-generation Orlando native, bringing a wealth of community context, connections and contacts. He is a partner and consultant with The Insurance and Payroll Resource Group of Florida, where he focuses his energy on managing relationships and designing health and welfare benefit plans for larger employers.

Ryan has served on several non- profit boards in the past (Heart to Heart, Blessings Fellowship Council) and currently sits on the board of The Jake Owen Foundation.

As a student with ADHD and dysgraphia, Ryan struggled throughout school, with teachers and administrators ill-equipped to effectively help him learn. Through RCF’s work, he is honored to help give a voice to other kids with similar struggles and moreover, to help provide real-world tools that educators need to teach children to read fluently.

Ryan and his wife Sondra have three school-aged boys, Jack, Bo and Burke. He enjoys golf, hunting, and stand-up comedy, but his most favorite times are outdoors with his friends and family. He loves sitting by fire after a long day of hunting, laughing and telling stories.

“I am beyond honored to serve on this board. The mission is so personal to me. As a student who struggled academically, I am thrilled to be a part of the solution – real world application and instruction to see that no child is left without the understanding and the JOY of reading.“

Ryan Parsons